Corn, sweet sweet corn

The early corn crop is coming in and we’ve been enjoying some of the sweetest tastiest corn I can ever remember having. We had a cookout last night for a family reunion, so we served fresh local corn. They loved it.

I was worried we might not get good corn this year because we’ve had an unusually cool and dry summer, but apparently that isn’t the case.

I just love this time of year. Drive down any road in this area and you’ll find little stands where farmers or individuals are selling whatever excess they have from their gardens. It’s all so fresh and tasty. Ian thinks I need to wear blinders because I want to stop and buy from them all.

This reminds me of the story I heard from a neighbour a few years ago. He had planted too many zucchini plants and they had way more than they could eat or give to friends. So he put an old chair out at the side of the road, put a box of zucchini on it and a large sign that read, “Free. Help yourself”. He heard a car stop so he went to see how much they had taken. The chair was gone, the zucchini was still there.

Update on the tomato plants I bought at the auction: I planted two behind the barn and kept three in pots near the inn. The ones behind the barn have been given a little boost with sheep manure. One of them is taller than I am right now and has hundreds of green cherry tomatoes. The ones in pots aren’t growing as tall, but I’m getting a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes off each one daily. Not bad for $1 a plant!

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