As this winter seems to drag on for an interminable length of time, the flower and seed catalogs and websites beckon and tempt. I can’t wait until I can get out in the garden to start spring cleanup and see some color again. We were fortunate this winter in that we had enough snow cover to prevent the deer from turning our English Ivy into a tasty snack, as they’ve done in past winters. But last spring they absolutely devastated our dozens of Hosta plants, eating every single one down to nothing but nubs coming out of the ground. Which is where the Marigolds come in. Seemingly deer don’t like Marigolds. If you plant them near more desirable plants, the odor from the Marigolds makes the deer shun the garden. At least that’s the theory. All I know is that Marigolds are a lot cheaper than Hostas, particularly if you grow them from seed. Unfortunately they’re not my favorite flower, but I can live with them if it means saving the rest of our landscaping from those voracious eaters. So if you’re planning a visit to the White Oak Inn this summer, you can expect to see Marigolds in every shape and color.

Time to go bake some cookies.