Never a dull moment in Ohio’s Amish Country

Working out of your home can be stressful.   Combine that with working with your spouse and you have a real challenge.    Ian and I are now in our 20th year as innkeeper partners.   I wish I could say it gets easier, but it doesn’t.   My fiery Scottish temper doesn’t make it any easier.   And unfortunately in such a close working environment, our staff are often witnesses to our differences of opinion.

A few weeks ago we had arranged to have the parking lot surface sealed.  Since nobody was to drive on it for 48 hours, the paving company blocked the driveways with empty buckets and yellow caution tape.    Two of our staff were arriving for work the day after the job was done.  As usual, they parked in the staff parking lot, across the road from the inn.   As they crossed the road, one of them noticed the yellow tape, looked at the other and said, “Oh my, do you think she finally killed him?”

I think they were relieved to walk into the kitchen and find Ian alive and well.

  Innkeeper White Oak Inn