Two adorable kittens need new home!

one gray and one black kittenWe’re looking for a very special home for two little sweethearts. Two of our barn cats surprised us in early May with litters of kittens. The moms are now spayed so it can’t happen again. We’ve found homes for all of the kittens except these special two. Josey got a serious eye infection at 5 weeks of age, so we brought her indoors and on antibiotics. She has made a complete recovery. Then a couple of weeks later, Bonnie, the little runt of the litter managed to get into the sheep pen and get stepped on. She ended up with two broken back legs. The vet said with rest and good nutrition she should make a complete recovery, although the legs would always be a bit crooked. That was three weeks ago and she has proved him right. Due to the fact she now has a gait resembling that of John Wayne, Ian decided to re-name her Duke. And it has stuck.

The two are inseparable. Although we love them very much, we don’t really want to have three adult cats in the inn. So we’re hoping somebody has room in their heart and home for two little sweethearts. We have the grandmother and mother of these kittens and both have wonderful dispositions. So if anyone has room in their heart and home for two special creatures, give us a call. 740-599-6107.

White Oak Inn