Video-taping the inn

We decided we needed a video of the inn for our website. The problem with still photographs is that you can only see the room from one angle. But with a video we can give people a sense of what they’d experience standing in the room and looking around. The videographer came today. He started the taping by interviewing us, asking questions about the inn, how we came to be here, what fun things there are for guests to do during their stay. All the basic stuff we’ve answered hundreds of times over the years. But just sitting and blabbing to a camera is really disconcerting. We’re going to come off looking like goofs. And our animals will probably steal the show. Bijoux our orange cat saw us sitting outside on the bench and climbed right up between us. We went to film the sheep and Butterfly ran over and tried to eat the camera. All the kittens came tumbling out of the barn to see what the excitement was about and get in the pictures. They’re all much cuter than we are anyway.

And me, I’m glad it’s over and I can get back in comfortable clothes, and sit here and plan menus for the weekend. Local strawberries are in season so you can bet we’ll have plenty of dishes using those over the next couple of weeks.

White Oak Inn