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Visit the Knox County Historical Museum

There’s a rich history to be found in Knox County, Ohio. Locals hold stories of the past near and dear to their hearts. If you really want to get a taste of the area, head over to the Knox County Historical Museum. Whether you’re a history buff or just an interested visitor, you can learn about the fascinating history that shaped Knox County as we see it today. 

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Why You Need to Visit the Knox County Historical Museum 

Knox County History

Knox County history began when it was established over 200 years ago in 1808. The county was named after a Revolutionary War General who happened to be a good friend of President George Washington. The evolution and growth of Knox County is something every visitor should learn about. When you visit the Knox County Historical Society Museum, you’ll get a captivating glance into the past. You can view maps and illustrations of the county’s growth over the last 200 years. Come admire these things that show the true history of Knox County. 


The Knox County Historical Society Museum boasts a wide array of historic artifacts from many different time periods. You\’ll feel transported back in time. Explore artifacts used by law enforcement, military soldiers, Knox County households, and more. Some of our favorites include the mail delivery buggy, old children’s toys, and an 1884 stained-glass window from a local church. 

Knox County Genealogy Society

You’ll have no problem tracking down your Knox County ancestors. The Knox County Genealogy Society has access to thousands of archives, birth records, and other documents that date back to the 1800s. You never know what you might learn about your family tree.


The museum hosts various events throughout the year that celebrate and remember different time periods of Knox County’s past. The Knox County Fair, first opened is 1849, is a beloved tradition that you can’t miss. The history of this fair is almost as old as the town itself. Attend the fair to relive Knox County history with Indian artifact displays and pioneer games. Today the fair also offers some modern-day activities, such as truck jumping contests and amusement rides. 

Historic Markers

After exploring the museum’s internal exhibits, venture into the rest of the city to find the museum’s historic markers. You’ll discover ten markers made to commemorate important people and places from various chapters of Knox County’s past. These markers will lead you to Johnny Appleseed’s Early Landholdings, the first pioneer settlement in Knox County, and more. 

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