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This Is One of the Best Scenic Drives in Amish Country, OH

There’s something about a scenic drive that allows you to disconnect from everyday stressors and relax, all while taking in the gorgeous Ohio views. Sometimes we all need to step away for a moment! Get lost on the country roads with one of the best scenic drives in Amish Country, OH. Roll down the windows, select your favorite playlist, and enjoy! 

Why stop at just taking in the scenery when you can explore all that our beautiful nook of Ohio has to offer? Request a free copy of our digital Vacation Guide to help you plan your trip and discover all the wonderful offerings of northern Ohio. 

One of the Best Scenic Drives in Amish Country, OH 

The Route 

There are many scenic drives to take through northern Ohio, but State Road 39 and 62 are some of our favorites. This part of Ohio features winding roads through some of the country’s most prominent Amish communities. The route runs through quaint towns like Berlin, Millersburg, Wilmot, and more! Gaze out the window to find a myriad of Amish farmlands, vast fields, and rolling hills. You’ll love taking in the sights on this peaceful journey! 

Slow Down and Stay Awhile 

You don’t have to drive straight through! By slowing down, you’ll be able to take advantage of dozens of attractions and activities that may pique your interest. Indulge in hiking, biking, carriage rides, hot air balloon rides, and more! Plus, if you want to immerse yourself in a bit of Amish culture, stop by some of the many farms that sell baked goods, handmade items, antiques, and other traditional Amish goods. 

Other Options 

The Holmes County Trail, a local gem, runs through Millersburg and offers a convenient link to the byway. Along the trail, you’ll find hikers, bicyclists, and even Amish buggies! This is a great way to get off the main byway to enjoy nature and indulge in some of the activities the area offers.  

Another option is to explore the creek and river networks in the area. At one time these water systems were critical to transportation and commerce. Today, they allow visitors and locals the opportunity to enjoy fishing, canoeing, and even swimming in the warmer months. The Mohican River attracts many visitors each year and serves as a natural oasis for outdoor lovers. 

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