What You Need to Know About the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum

The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum will transport you back in time to the era of steam locomotives. The railway system thrived in America during the 1800s and dominated travel. The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum keeps this period alive! Today, the museum preserves the most extensive collection of steam locomotives in the world. Plan a visit to witness the restoration process and experience the guided tours for yourself. 

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What You’ll Discover at the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum

About the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum

The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum is a one-stop-shop for all train and history buffs! Owner Jerry Jacobson worked in the railroad industry until retiring in 2008. He then sold his 525-mile Ohio Central Railway System but kept much of the old equipment. Since then, Jerry has built the first functional roundhouse in America since 1951. He now boasts the largest private collection in the world. His passion for restoring, preserving, and educating is evident to everyone who visits. The museum does an excellent job of preserving a period that was so essential to the geographic and industrial growth of America. 

What You’ll Find

The museum sits on 34 acres of farmland next to the Ohio Central Railroad mainline track. You’ll find both steam and diesel engines, a wood water tank, coal dock, ash pit, and more. You won’t want to miss the museum’s main feature. An 18-stall brick roundhouse surrounds a 115-foot turntable and turntable pit. It’s truly a sight to behold. You will also be able to browse 22 historic steam locomotives in different stages of the preservation process. You can see the full collection of these impressive locomotives online. 


There are many guided tours that guests can choose to take. The museum offers tours May through October on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. You’ll have the opportunity to witness the action in the working back shop. Watch as the knowledgable staff works to restore some of the locomotives right before your eyes. You can browse the full list of tours on their website. You’ll want to see these sights for yourself!

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