Bald Eagle Sighting on Kokosing River

As some of you know we have a bald eagle nest close to the inn, alongside the Kokosing River. This particular nest replaced one about three miles upriver. The two nests have been active for the last ten years or more, with one or two chicks surviving each year, so now we have quite the population of bald eagles in the area.

We were out with friends last week, driving home around 4 p.m. and I saw a large black bird with a white head and tail rise up from the ditch, not more than 30 feet from us. I immediately knew what it was and stopped the car so we could get a better look. The bird circled and landed again, about 75 feet away from the road. He waited patiently for us to move on. Apparently he was feasting on a dead deer in the ditch and we had interrupted dinner. In the meantime an immature eagle also circled around us .

We often see the eagles flying over the inn or along the river. They are simply majestic. Every year during our Spring Nature weekend at the inn, local eagle expert Brad Perkins comes and shares his latest slides of the eagles, and stories about activities he and other volunteers have undertaken to ensure the survival of this magnificent species. Then he takes all our guests to a spot where they can observe the nest and the parents feeding the young eaglets through a telescope.

The photograph at the top of this post was actually snapped by one of our guests. He and his wife were driving along our road, and as the came close to the river spotted a mature eagle perched on a rock in the river. They were able to take several photographs before the bird flew off.

For more information about the Spring Nature Weekend, give us a call or visit our website. The date for 2010 is April 30 to May 2.

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