Meet Dougal, White Oak Inn’s new mascot

Santa came a little early and delivered a 15 lb. bouncing baby boy to The White Oak Inn.
He’s 12 weeks old. Lab and we-don’t-know-what (and couldn’t care less).
He is going to be a GREAT inn dog. He is the calmest 3-month-old puppy we’ve ever met. He greets people with a wagging tail, doesn’t jump up on them and doesn’t bark at them.
Last night was our staff Christmas party. He had to meet 20 strangers and he took it all in stride. Didn’t get hyper. Sat or laid calmly at someone’s feet all night long. Didn’t mooch food. Opened his gifts carefully and gave thank-you kisses to everyone.

He has been here for less than 48 hours and he already knows his name, has learned to walk on a leash, understands “no” and is close to housebroken.
He has even tried to make friends with the inn cats, although the response was less than warm. Still, we’re sure they’ll come around.
Thank you to the Richland County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center for taking good care of him until he got to his forever home.

White Oak Inn

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