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Are You Looking For A Coffee Spot to Start the Day? We’ve Got You Covered!

Taking a vacation means making the best of each day. Sleeping in is a great way to relax and enjoy some time off, but knowing where local coffee shops are is essential to get your day going when you’re ready. This blog will cover the top coffee shops to get your day started and what makes each unique. The first place we’re starting with is the Blonde Robin in Danville, Ohio. This shop is more than just a coffee shop, so get excited! Ready to plan the rest of your vacation? Download our Vacation Guide! This guide contains all of the top attractions to add to your list! Now, who’s ready for some fresh joe? 

Blonde Robin, Danville, OH 

What Is the Blonde Robin?

Imagine a high-end boutique featuring stylish women’s clothing and unique accessories, and add in a coffee shop that is the Blonde Robin! Founded in 2014 by sisters Emily and Megan, the boutique is dedicated to providing customers with fresh and stylish wear while also building confidence that stems from within. This shop carries a fantastic selection of candles, cookbooks, and modern-farmhouse style decorative items for visitors to browse! Stop by and experience this unique shop and find a great item to take home with you.   

Other Coffee Stops

Happy Bean

Another local coffee shop is Happy Bean! This shop is located in the middle of Mt. Vernon and offers the perfect first stop of the day in this town. After getting your iced coffee, latte, or mocha, explore the local shops lining the streets and visit some of the local landmarks in the area! The charm of the town and the people will undoubtedly be felt here! 

North Main Cafe 

Another popular Mt. Vernon spot is North Main Cafe! This coffee shop serves up delicious brews and breakfast for the perfect morning. From traditional coffee with cream and sugar to seasonal specialties like the Irish Cream Delight, there is always something to look forward to when visiting this shop! After visiting this cafe, check out Ariel-Foundation Park; this park is truly unique. Featuring old buildings, an observation tower, and even a labyrinth, visitors must see this park! 

Exploring Coffee Shops and Attractions Near Danville, OH, Retire to the White Oak Inn!

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