Picture of person in costume laying on floor

Chef Yvonne – in the kitchen – with a knife!

Our Murder Mystery season is almost over; we have had numerous private mysteries booked this year and they have all been a great success!

Those of us who are working in the kitchen during the mystery evenings, helping to prepare the four-course dinner, can’t help but chuckle at the sounds that come from the dining room and the stories from the servers as they deliver the food.

Sometimes they have to step over freshly-killed guests or figure out how to respond to some of the characters. Consider placing a bowl of soup in front of a retired superhero named Prince of the Small Woodland Creatures who uses a spork as a weapon……

Crazy (but creative) costumes, jokes, magic, and of course, murder, always keep the night interesting and entertaining. Here’s a clue, though: I didn’t do it!

Our 2015/16 season will begin on November 21.   Private mystery parties can be arranged for groups of 16 to 22 people.   Check out our website or give us a call for more information.

Written by Jenny Anderson
Assistant Innkeeper  The White Oak Inn

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