Ohio Bed and Breakfast Winter Getaways

The map shows The White Oak Inn is not exactly located in the Arctic, but the past few weeks have made us question that!  With overnight temperatures often dropping below zero and frequent snow squalls we could be forgiven for wondering whether we were suddenly transported to another part of the world.

But there are rewards for dressing up warmly and getting outside.  You can’t help but notice the beauty of the surrounding area. The river, which runs parallel to our road, is frozen in white, jagged blocks that look like some kind of meringue dessert topping. In the mornings as the sun rises, icy sparkles glitter on the trees like diamond jewelry. The bright red cardinals in the evergreens with the white snow background are spectacular. And the clear night skies glow with moonlight and stars.  

Driving through Amish Country you’ll see beautiful snow-covered fields, and the steamy breath of the horses in the cold air.  

If the outdoors just isn’t your piece of cake, you can still sit at a window in the inn and marvel at the large assortment of birds visiting our backyard feeders.   You can relax in front of one of the seven inn fireplaces with the hot beverage of your choice, or if you’re lucky enough to snag one of the rooms with whirlpool tubs, submerge yourself in a big tub of hot water, close your eyes and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere.

With winter specials available until April, you still have a few weeks left to experience a winter getaway at The White Oak Inn.     And don’t forget that our hearty breakfasts, home-made cookies, and hearty dinners will also do their part to fill your tummy and keep you warm.

Yvonne Martin
The White Oak Inn

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