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Your Complete Guide to the Knox County Park District

Ohio is a haven for nature lovers if you know where to look. Over the years, Knox County has acquired some of the most beautiful stretches of land in the state and turned them into public parks and trails. Visitors and locals alike are free to roam, explore, and reconnect with nature using these thoughtfully created places. With so much to offer, you may need a guide. We have you covered! Below you’ll find the only guide you need to the Knox County Park District

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Parks in the Knox County Park District

Geocaching is a popular activity in the area and a great way to get acquainted with these beautiful parks. Learn more about caching our parks and how to get started. 

Bat Nest Park

Bat Nest Park is one of the most fascinating parks in our area. With the help of funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the community built a bat house in 2015 that resides on the property, hence the park’s name! Although bats often have a poor reputation, they’re a telltale sign of a healthy environment. Thousands of bats can inhabit this tall structure, and you can see it for yourself. The area is also a hunting ground for bald eagles, and it’s an excellent place to spot wildlife. You’ll find a gravel parking lot at the entrance for parking.

Address: 30500 Walhonding Road, Danville, OH.

Hellbender Preserve

Hellbender Preserve has become a key area for wildlife conservation. Named for the Eastern Hellbender salamander that inhabits Jelloway Creek and the Kokosing River, efforts to save the locally endangered species have made steps to reintroduce a number of the species back into the ecosystem in recent years. You can access this area by the Kokosing Gap Trail. Parking is available at the trailhead parking lot. You’re free to explore the many beaches of Jelloway Creek. Don’t forget to look for the Railroad Tunnel on your way into the trailhead!

Address: 23316 Coshocton Rd., Howard, OH 43028

Honey Run Highlands Park

Honey Run Highlands Park is known for being home to the beautiful 25-foot tall Honey Run Waterfall. It’s a major attraction in the area and easy to reach. The park is especially ideal for bird watching, picking seasonal berries, and butterfly watching in the spring. 

Address: 10855 Hazel Dell Rd., Howard, OH.

Indianfield Bluffs Park

Indianfield Bluffs Park offers a variety of activities. It’s home to a 1.5-mile double loop trail that features a beautiful, high-elevation bluff, offering stunning views of the Kokosing Scenic River. You can also find a small island here with an impressive bird population. Most interestingly, the park is often used by permitted archers to manage the white-tailed deer population. If you have a permit, it’s an excellent place to practice your craft. 

Address: 10855 Sapp Rd., Howard, OH 43028

Thayer Ridge Park

Thayer Ridge Park is home to an abundant wildlife population. In addition to 95 species of birds and a large vernal pool, you can often spot wildlife while riding horseback through the park’s trails. You’ll also find a nine-hole disc golf course with a picnic area, grill, and parking lot. Groups interested in playing the course can borrow discs from the Knox County District office. 

Address: 7077 Thayer Rd., Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Wolf Run Regional Park

Wolf Run Regional Park is packed with diverse trail systems. Check out the park trails map to get a closer look at the specific features offered and which trail is best for you. Additionally, you’ll find a popular Bark Park with a fenced dog play area for off-leash exercise. Other park activities include socializing at the picnic shelter, fishing at Wolf Run Pond, and archery hunting. 

Address: 17621 Yauger Rd., Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Zuck Riparian Preserve

Zuck Riparian Preserve is an especially significant location in the county. It’s the only known area nearby that’s home to a pair of bald eagle nests. The beautiful creatures are often seen soaring overhead by visitors while canoeing or kayaking through the waterways.

Address: 28300 Zuck Rd., Howard, OH 43028

Trails in the Knox County Park District

Kokosing Gap Multi-Use Trail

This 14-mile recreational trail is a real gem! The Kokosing Gap Trail is laid on what is formerly known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Line, making it a significant historical landmark. It has been awarded one of the best “rails to trails” in the United States! Plus, you’ll encounter stunning scenery as the trail crosses over the Kokosing River. 

Heart of Ohio Multi-Use Trail

The Heart of Ohio Trail is a frequent go-to for bikers in the area, though it’s always a beautiful place to hike as well. It offers almost 20 miles of trails, stretching between Mount Vernon and the village of Centerburg, and features the Heart of Ohio Pedestrian Trail Bridge. There’s nothing more relaxing than hiking or biking through these trails to the sound of the Dry Creek stream flowing beside you. 

Mohican Valley Multi-Use Trail

The Mohican Valley Trail is an easy, five-mile trail that runs along the abandoned Penn Central Railroad right-of-way. Hiking or biking on this trail will give you the opportunity to cross the Bridge of Dreams, the third-longest covered railroad bridges in the United States. This 370-foot covered bridge is a beloved landmark in the area with an interesting history. You will often see horseback riders and horse-drawn Amish buggies crossing the bridge. 

Water Trails 

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