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Discover a Treasure Trove of Nostalgia at Lehman’s Hardware

Lehman’s Hardware is often voted the number one destination in the Ohio Amish Country, and for a good reason. After walking through the large, 35,000-square foot store, you’ll begin to understand what it was like to live in the distant past. Visit and see how this unique store embodies the culture of the Amish Country, and be sure to use our Vacation Guide to learn more about the area. We know everything you need to do to complete your stay at the White Oak Inn, from the best restaurants to relaxing hikes, exciting events, interesting exhibits, and more! It’s all just inside.

What to Expect at Lehman’s Hardware

The Major Appliances Room

A trip to this popular store isn’t complete without browsing through the Major Appliances Room. This may be one of the most intriguing sections of the store, because it feels like you’re inside a vintage museum. Admire hundreds of retro, wood-burning cooktops, fireplaces, grills, and light fixtures that make you feel as if time has been frozen. Even if you don’t want to purchase an item, you could still spend hours transfixed on these intricate, completely non-electric masterpieces that offer a look into a much simpler life. It’s truly a unique shopping experience!

The Soda Pop Shop & Lehman’s Candy Land

If you have a sweet tooth, The Soda Pop Shop and Lehman’s Candy Land has everything you need to satisfy your cravings. Explore over seventy different kinds of root beer and over three hundred varieties of handcrafted sodas. Their vintage bottling brings back memories of your childhood and will leave you marveling at all of the unique flavors.

You’ll also find a candy lover’s paradise inside Lehman’s Candy Land. Once again, their old-fashioned treats will remind you of a simpler life and radiate nostalgia. Dive into classics like salt water taffy, the 1920s treat called Jujubes, and homemade caramel delights. Indulge on a few selections and purchase some treats to take home with you!

However, this isn’t all you can discover within the store. You’ll also be amazing by unique departments including the oil lamp section, the canning and preserving room, a kitchen department with every gadget imaginable, organic gardening supplies, vintage laundry equipment, and finally, a vast selection of old-fashioned games, jigsaw puzzles, and toys!

Explore Mt. Hope Hardware

You should also visit Mt. Hope Hardware, which is another Lehman’s store location that caters more specifically to the Ohio Amish Country community. Inside, you’ll find everything that locals need to sustain their businesses, farms, and homes. This includes an array of non-electric appliances such as gas refrigerators, hundreds of tools, dishware, and more. The store opened its doors in 1973 and continues to play an important role in the area.

Stay with Us at the White Oak Inn

The White Oak Inn is the perfect place to return to after exploring Lehmans Hardware. Spend the remainder of the afternoon outdoors with the Redbud Room, which opens to the porch of the guest house. Here, you’ll enjoy your time relaxing in the fresh air and watching hummingbird flit between flowers. Then, when you feel the day catching up with you, snuggle up under the soft sheets of the king-size bed with an elegant oak headboard. Soon, you’ll drift to sleep and begin dreaming about your next day of vacation here with us at the White Oak Inn.

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