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Explore Knox County On Two Wheels with Rails-to-Trails

Planning a scenic, fun, and unforgettable vacation begins with setting your sights on a visit to Danville, Ohio. Enjoying a place in the heart of Knox County, Danville opens the door to Amish Country charm at every turn! Travelers heading this way often do so to make the most of sightseeing, shopping, delicious dining, and outdoor recreation with good reason. For those with a passion for cycling their way through their stay, this area is brimming over with beautiful bike trails to explore. Finding the perfect route here is easy with many of the trails designed for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. While there are a variety of routes worth adding to your itinerary, those who are looking to conquer the most iconic of them all will want to focus on Ohio’s Rails-to-Trails.

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The Rails-to-Trails Experience

At its core, Rails-to-Trails runs on a mission of transforming former rail lines into recreational bike trails that visitors and locals alike can enjoy throughout the year. Rails-to-Trails functions as a nonprofit organization dedicated to both creating and maintaining a network of trails that support thriving communities. In total, the organization has created well over 30,000 miles of multi-use trails throughout Ohio and a few of the top routes run right through Knox and Holmes Counties!

All About Exploring the Ohio to Erie Trail

The Ohio to Erie Trail is another tantalizing route for those looking for a more extensive cycling experience. The total length of the trail encompasses no less than 326 miles of terrain crossing through four cities, many small towns, and pastoral countryside to balance out the views. While some adventurers choose to take on the entire trail, others pick and choose sections to conquer in the name of fun.

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